Beautiful Backyard Oasis Ideas


It’s that time of year – warm weather, plants flourishing, and BBQ’s with friends. It’s time to fix up the backyard and porch for outdoor living, entertaining and all out lounging. Today I’m sharing ten beautiful backyard oasis ideas that can easily be added to help you create your own beautiful backyard oasis!

A Patio Coffee and Chat Set

The hubs and I love to stay at hotels with balconies, so we can get up in the morning, sit out on the balcony and have a relaxing time sipping our morning coffee. These cozy settings are great to have on your own patios too!

beautiful backyard oasis ideas patio set for two

Desire To Inspire

A Table For Dining

Having a long table that will comfortably seat guests (or family) is a great way to enjoy your meal outdoors… no matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner!

beautiful backyard oasis ideas patio table

Just destiny

String Lights For A Warm Ambience

Stringing a few lights over a cozy seating area adds a warm, relaxed ambience to any space.

beautiful backyard oasis ideas string lights

Hej Doll

Potted Plants, Flowers or Bushes

Adding a couple of potted plants to your backyard can add that oasis vibe you’re going for. And if you’re anything like me, symmetry is where it’s at!

beautiful backyard oasis ideas potted plants

Howard Design Studio

Trickling Water Feature

I love the idea of a trickling water feature… and they come in all shapes and sizes. Nothing is more serene than the sound of trickling water.

beautiful backyard oasis ideas trickling water feature


Pretty pillows

An easy and inexpensive way to create a beautiful backyard oasis is to add a few pretty pillows or textiles to your lounging or seating areas.

beautiful backyard oasis ideas pretty pillows

Habitus Living

Chairs For Lounging

For me, a beautiful backyard oasis has to have chairs for lounging… and lots of them… for you and your girlfriends of course!

beautiful backyard oasis ideas modern white lounge chairs

Jenn Loyd

Colored Lights

If you already have lights in your backyard, think about changing a few of them (in one area) from white to a fun color.

beautiful backyard oasis ideas colored lights

Vivir Urbano

Pavers to create a living space or a simple ground design element

I love pavers! You can buy them in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They’re a great way to define a living space or use them to create a simple ground design somewhere in your backyard.

beautiful backyard oasis ideas ground paver design


Privacy Hedge

If you’re like most of America, your neighbors homes are pretty close to your own home. A great way to create a beautiful backyard oasis is to plant a privacy hedge. You’d never know you have neighbors next door!

beautiful backyard oasis ideas privacy hedge

House of Turquoise

I hope a few of these beautiful backyard oasis ideas have inspired you to create your own backyard oasis this season!

Which of these ideas is your favorite? Please answer in the comments section below.

Ten Beautiful Backyard Oasis Ideas


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    1. We are so lucky to live in AZ, where we can do backyard living 9 glorious months out of the year!

  1. I can imagine myself in each of these spaces. House of Turquoise and Habitus Living are my favorite though. Thanks for making me green with envy.. again.. Tana. HA!

    1. Those are excellent choices – and totally you! My favorite (and most closely aligned to) is Habitus Living! It’s just so clean and simple… just the way we like it! haha

  2. Oh gosh so much fun inspiration!! Totally want to redo my whole yard. House of turqoiuse is my dream yard!!! Love all the greenery -probably the Washingtonian in me.

    1. House of Turquoise is probably the closest one to my own. You’ll have to come see the ficus hedge trees we’ve planted…and same as you, it’s the Washingtonian in me that gravitates towards the green!

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