Are You Attracting What You Put Out There?


You attract what you put out there!

Cartoon avatar’s (a computer designed cartoon in one’s likeness) were the HOT thing when I was designing Your Marketing BFF, so I created a Tana Avatar. Today, I don’t really care for my avatar.  Yes, it looks like me, but it’s too cutesy and that’s not really me.  Plus, I can’t tell you how many avatars we ended up designing for others.

When I started this blog, I was only planning on writing about marketing.  I already owned/operated a marketing and consulting agency and therefore, I only had a limited amount of time to devote.

I wrote the 90-Day Bootcamp (a marketing e-course currently being revised) and blogged about various projects my parent company was working on.

Guess what?

I started to receive emails asking for services such as; consulting, staging, and custom designs!

I was blogging about some of our custom work and therefore, the readers were attracted to what I was putting out there and asking for it.

It’s always good to review your business!

Recently, I realized that I had been taking on way too many projects and even took on some projects that were the wrong clientele for my business.

I do a once yearly review and planning session in November – so that we can review the past year, set new goals and plan for the upcoming year.

FYI: quarterly I do a ‘mini’ review, just to see if we’re on task and accomplishing the goals we set out to achieve at the yearly planning session…or adjust the course, if need be.

Based on my latest review, the needs expressed by the readers, and time constraints, our future offerings will focus more on:

  1. modern customizable designs,
  2. series of how-to videos, and
  3. bite-sized ‘topic specific’ marketing e-courses.

Making time to review (and revamp your biz, if needed) is better for your business in the long run.

I’m learning to let go of being busy and overfilling my days, life is too short. It’s time to think and do business differently.  Don’t you think?!

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