{Advice} The Power of the Good Gossip Network.

I don’t know about you but when I NEED SOMETHING this is what I do:

I ASK my friends.

I say “Hey Heather/Fawn/Corie, I need the best…

    • hairstylist who actually listens to what I want
    • photographer who can make me look like a supermodel
    • car salesman who isn’t a cheese ball
    • personal trainer who actually knows how to give me buns of steel
    • appetizer recipe that puts all other appetizers to shame (I’m competitive)
    • drycleaner who is environmentally friendly
    • place to go to enjoy a romantic dinner with my husband (minus the children)
    • yatta, yatta, yatta

…that you can think of! WHO or WHAT would you RECOMMEND?


What’s so FABULOUS about a Good Gossip Network?

You can benefit from others and they can benefit from you – a win/win situation for all involved!

As a member of the Good Gossip Network, you’re either the ONE everyone is GOSSIPING about OR you’re one of the people DOING THE GOSSIPING!

Either way, it’s ALL GOOD!

You know what drives me bonkers?

How few small business owners actually understand that THIS IS HOW GETTING REFERRALS WORKS!

So what’s the Simple and Easy Way to Get Referrals?

You might want to sit down for this one.

The best, most-underused and definitely the most effective referral strategy I know of is…

To Simply ASK For Them.

Did you know that each of your customers knows at least 50 other people who are just like them? That could potentially mean 50 NEW CUSTOMERS for you. (And with the power of FaceBook Friends, the numbers are well into the 100’s).

So what’s the problem here?

Most satisfied customers only refer 3 people. Why?

      -they weren’t asked to do more.
      -they weren’t thanked for the people they did send.

Do what I do:

I contact three of my favorite clients, those who ADORE ME and say…

“As you know most of my clients come from referrals from other clients. I appreciate this soooo much! This month I’m running a promotion that you may want to help me with and it will give your friends a BIG TREAT too!”

Then I tell my favorite clients what they’re going to get as a ‘thank you’ for their referral and the BIG TREAT their friend (my new client) will get as well.

It’s that simple.

Two Things To Keep In Mind. 

  1. Make sure it’s worth passing along to the Good Gossip Network, and
  2. Make sure to thank them for the referral.

SHAZAM! Now you’ve got the POWER. It’s that easy breezy!

So there you have it.

From Your Marketing BFF,



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