{Advice} Sites Aren’t Just For The Big Boys


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A winning blog/website is a POWERFUL marketing and sales tool that will not only reach more customers, but act as ‘the face’ for your business…and it’s often the very first impression you present to potential new customers.

Think you’re too small?

Think again.

The smaller you are, the more you need an online presence.

It’s typically the smallest businesses that often can’t afford a front desk staff, marketing director or PR firm.  Used advantageously, e-mail and a website can take over those missing duties.

Whether you’re big or small, today the internet is your LIFELINE to your existing and potential customers!

Can you imagine??? …Every minute you’re not on the phone is a minute you can be tending to your business and tending to the customers in front of you.

Different people will visit your site for different reasons at different times.

Many factors make a difference between a site that is useless and one that is useful.

In fact, if you currently have a poor site that:

  • is out of date
  • looks like it was designed by a first semester design student
  • does not clearly state WHY they should choose you vs. someone else
  • is a dumping ground of TOO MUCH INFORMATION
  • sounds and looks like everyone else
  • is difficult to read (small type sizes, hard to read fonts over dark backgrounds)
  • is not quick and easy to navigate, understand and move on
  • does not match your business image

Then your business is WAAAAAY worse off than having no site at all!


Because your site will affect what people will THINK of your business…and if you have a poor site, is this REALLY what you want people to THINK (and assume) about your business?

I think not.


Hey listen. If your site isn’t useful and leaving a lasting impression by:

  • Attracting the RIGHT CUSTOMERS for YOU and get them buying from you
  • Acting as a 24/7 salesperson
  • Providing a positive PREVIEW (first impression) of your biz to customer WOM referrals
  • Turning prospects into long-term paying customers
  • Fostering relationships between you and your customers

Then it’s time to STOP, DROP IT and ROLL OUT a Winning Site!

My Spirited Dare To You?

Within 30 days…Make your site useful to you AND to your customer…and  start experiencing a ride on the Cha-Ching Sales Express!

So there you have it.

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  1. Good advice. We will be doing a redesign early next year and your information boils it all down into the most important criteria. Thanks for the straight-forward post!

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