{Advice} Look Like a Million, Without Spending A Million

Want to have a trade show booth or retail space that looks like a million bucks, but doesn’t cost a million bucks?

Check out how one smart business staged their trade show booth with mostly furniture from Target!

I just love Target (Homegoods, TJ Maxx, & Marshalls) and so should you!

Here’s the shopping download:

-Marsha of The Savvy Photographer Blog purchased the white desk and small white bookshelves from Target online…and the pink, vintage phone came from there too.  The round white table was found at a local Target store, along with the green chairs and pink pillows!

– Many of the frames and the flowers in the booth were from Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  Note: always a fun way to add a little color and not break the bank!

-The pink knobs on the desk drawers were from Anthropologie.

-The waaaay cool booth floor is a faux “barnwood floor” (actually, it’s a rug!) sold by The Savvy Photographer blog.  Perfect for booths and photographing – and it rolls up so you can easily take it with you.

I hope this has inspired you to look like a million, without spending a million!

So there you have it.



Special thanks to Marsha/The Savvy Photographer Blog for the great pictures featured here…and for being a great Marketing BFF example of inspiration and frugality!


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