{Advice} Have You Hit The Wall?

I’ve been in marketing for over 18 years. I’ve worked with thousands of small businesses and the one thing I know for sure is there WILL BE times that you HIT THE WALL!

You will feel stuck.

You will feel broke.

You will feel overwhelmed.

You will wonder why NOTHING is working.

You will wonder why customers aren’t buying.

You will wonder why you’re not making the money (and life) you deserve.

You will want to scream or cry.

You will want to quit.

My Marketing BFF Advice?

Keep going. Ask for help. Invest in yourself. And as Dory would say, “Just keep swimming.”


Success is closer than you think.

I know you can do it but you are going to need to push yourself so you can GET OVER THE WALL that currently has you shut out!

Is it easy? No.

Is it worth it? A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y.


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