{Advice} Don’t let people tell you that your market is flooded!

Here’s reality …

How many marketing and design businesses are there out there?

Answer: A gazillion!

Why in 11 months have I created a successful marketing business, with 4200+ followers, that generates a ton of sales?  A place where people ‘buy’ my products and services without ever talking or writing to me?

Answer: I set the CORRECT STAGE for my ideal client (small business owners) in a way that enables them to like, know and trust me. And, eventually buy from me.

Yes, the market is flooded with marketing and design businesses but I am DIFFERENT.  My ‘Your Marketing BFF’ brand is UNIQUE, I stand out from the crowd and am APPRECIATED by people all over the world.  I am actually struggling to keep up with the demand.

And here’s another example…

Ice Cream has been around FOREVER.  But it didn’t stop a business from offering another ice cream, something that is different and unique.  Ben and Jerry’s was/is brilliant – they provided a niche branded ice cream in a flooded marketplace.

My Marketing BFF business and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is no different than what you can do for your business.  It’s simply knowing how to build your brand and marketing so that it attracts your ideal client.

Now go out there and do the same for your business.

So there you have it!


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