How To Add An Image In Your Sidebar (and Make It Clickable)


Would you like to add a picture of yourself to your sidebar? Or perhaps add a ‘featured in’ or award image? Or wait… maybe a seasonal post image to increase pageview clicks? Whatever the reason, today I’m going to show you how to add an image to your sidebar and make it clickable… without having to know or remember code!

How To Add An Image In Your Sidebar and Make It Clickable

Here’s my easy BFF trick to add an image in your sidebar and make it clickable:

  1. Upload the image to your WordPress media gallery. Make sure you do the image to size (or close to size). Most sidebars are around 300 pixels wide. I created a square 300×300 image for this example.

  1. Go to Posts/Add New to add a new post. Feel free to call it ‘temp’ so you remember to delete it later on.
  1. Click on ADD MEDIA and locate your uploaded image. Place the image in your post.

  1. Align your image. I typically ‘align center’ all of my images, but do what’s right for you.
  1. Click on the insert/edit link. Insert the url of the location you want the image to be linked to. For example, if it’s an image of yourself, you probably want to link it to your about page url. If it’s a seasonal blog post image, link it to that specific blog post url (

6. Click on the TEXT TAB. This will show you the code you need to add to your sidebar! Highlight and copy this code.

  1. Now add a TEXT widget to your sidebar. In your dashboard, go to Appearance/Widgets. Drag the available text widget into your sidebar widget. Paste your code from #6 above and SAVE. Feel free to give your text widget a title if need be or leave it blank if you don’t want a header/title.Here’s what the clickable sidebar image looks like on my site:

See how easy my BFF trick is! Now you know how to add an image in your sidebar and make it clickable!!!


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    1. Yay! So glad. It’s great to change things up each season or holiday — prior to the dates! It really helps get traction + extra eyeballs on old, but still amazing posts!

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