9 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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Dying Easter eggs is traditional, but why not try doing something else this year!

I’m sharing my blue and white Easter egg decoupage decorating idea – made from napkins — which is beautiful and easy to do! Plus, I’ve teamed up with 8 others to share unique egg decorating ideas as well.

Let’s get started shall we, here’s mine…


Blue and White Easter Egg Decoupage Decorating

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These blue and white eggs were created using paper napkins that I found at Homegoods. Not only are these decorated eggs an easy project AND gorgeous, they will last a long time because I chose to use faux craft eggs!

Note: This decorating technique works well on hard-boiled eggs, blown out eggs, or faux craft eggs.

When I saw these blue and white shell patterned napkins, right away I thought of the classic blue and white china patterns. Which of course I own none of, but have always loved.

Blue and White Easter Egg Napkin Decoupage Decorating 2

I also knew that these eggs would perfectly match my blue couches + blue/white pillows I showcased in my Spring Home Tour, which you can see HERE.

By using faux craft eggs instead of real ones, I can display these beautiful eggs year after year!

DIY Easter Egg Decoupage Supply List

This is what you will need:

Blue and White Easter Egg Decoupage Decorating Napkin supplies

DIY Easter Egg Decoupage Instructions

  1. Cut out small pieces of the paper napkin. (This will be easier to prevent bubbles and folds).
  2. After cutting out the pieces, you will want to pull the layers of the napkin apart. My napkins had two layers, some might have more.
  3. Save only the layer that has the pattern on it.
  4. Apply a little bit of Mod Podge to the egg with your paintbrush and place the cut-out pattern of the napkin on top. Then apply a layer of Mod Podge over the napkin on the egg and smooth out with your paintbrush and/or fingers.
  5. Keep adding napkin pieces (as explained in step #4). Arrange the napkin pieces in any pattern that you like.
  6. Let the newly decorated eggs dry.
  7. Eggs are ready to go on display!

Note: I found it was best to decoupage half the egg, then let it dry before I fully completed the egg. It made the process go a lot smoother (and less sticky to hold, to complete the egg design).

Remember how I said earlier that I didn’t own any of the classic blue and white china?

Well – I went to a thrift store and found this great blue and white bowl for $2 to complete my vision for displaying this year’s Easter eggs… and I also found this cute little bunny for $1, so I thought, “why not!” haha.

Blue and White Easter Egg Napkin Decoupage Decorating 3

I love how these blue and white Easter egg decoupage decorating with napkins idea turned out. I will definitely do this technique again.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try to make some yourself… and if you do, let me know in the comments below and/or use the this hashtag on IG: #yourmarketingbffeastereggs  

Without further ado…

Here’s 8 other unique Easter egg decorating ideas!

More Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

9 unique easter egg decorating ideas - decorating brown eggs

Aren’t these Decorated Brown Eggs adorable? They were made by my friend Ashley of Modern Glam.

9 unique easter egg decorating ideas - egg wreath

Rhonda of Hallstrom Home made this pretty, easy Easter Egg Wreath — that could go on your door or placed on your tablescape!

9 unique easter egg decorating ideas - easter bunny eggs with floral crowns

Is this not the cutest little Easter Bunny Egg with a Tiny Floral Crown that you’ve ever seen? Christina of The DIY Mommy is the brains behind this beauty.

9 unique easter egg decorating ideas - diy gilded eggs in a egg carton wreath

I told you these were going to be unique! Look at this Gilded Easter Egg Carton Wreath by Jen of Tatertots & Jello.

9 unique easter egg decorating ideas - print and glue designs

Janine of Happy Happy Nester made these Unique Easter Egg Designs,you’ll have to check out how she applied these cute prints + words! Love them.

9 unique easter egg decorating ideas - how to color easter eggs

I never know what Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home is going to create, but she never disappoints… especially with this tutorial showing you a Unique Way to Color Easter Eggs.

9 unique easter egg decorating ideas - wooden egg wreath

For all of my ‘natural’ lovers, here’s a Wooden Egg Wreath that would look stunning on any door! Jackie of Finding Lovely made this and I’m absolutely in love with it.

9 unique easter egg decorating ideas- Easter craft vintage flowers

And lastly, Janet of Shabbyfufu is going to show you how to create Vintage Flower Easter Eggs like this beauty!

I hope these 9 unique Easter egg decorating ideas have inspired you to create a few Easter crafts of your own. Enjoy!

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  1. I love your eggs so much! I have a lot of paper napkins around the house for craft projects and I might just have to try these!

    1. Yay – so glad! I bet you have a ton of fabulous napkins you could use for this project. Can’t wait to see what you do! xo

    1. It’s great to learn some fun, different ways to do Easter eggs! I’m sure the girls are excited to do eggs this year. xo

    1. Thanks Mindy! I went to the one near us, but they didn’t have anything – I actually scored this one from the Queen Creek location. We are fortunate to have two locations so close. Happy Easter!

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