7 Ways To Style Your Photos With Props


Courage Print by ambermichellefineart

Do you want to know more about product styling and photography? Do you want to know how to use props like a pro? Styling your photos with props can help your products and your shop present a unique and cohesive presence to your target audience and existing customers.

Let’s be honest, we live in a time of visual eye candy! And though we like to look at others beautiful photos, we want to share beautiful photos of our own as well. Using props in product photography will help you create an enhanced experience or story to your shots… plus it will provide you with attention-grabbing images that you can share on your blog, Pinterest and Instagram.

Today I’m going to share a few tips that will help you style your photos with props like a pro! So let’s get started.

7 ways to style your photos with props

1. Food and drinks. Colorful candy, donuts, cookies, fruit, drinks, herbs and ingredients make great props. These can be inexpensive and items that you currently have on hand. The bonus: you can find them in just about any color!

Food and ingredients as props

2. Flowers, Leaves, Twigs. Sometimes the best props come from nature (and even better if they’re free and sitting in your own backyard). Flowers, leaves and twigs are great for adding additional elements in your photo and you can do just about anything with them. Are you striving for delicate or rough? Light or vibrant? You’ll have so many options to choose from.

Flower Nature Props

3. Life is a party with things like confetti, glitter, ribbons, balloons, straws and paper.

Confetti Party Props

4. Magazine or Book. Is there a book (#Girlboss comes to mind) that goes beautifully with what you’re selling, or perhaps the latest issue of your favorite magazine (the one that matches your style and brand – like a Kinfolk, Martha Stewart or Vogue). These can help tell the story of your photo.

Magazine and Book props

5. Items from your kitchen are great props; a towel, silverware, tea (or coffee) cup, dishes… so many items. I highly recommend WHITE dishes so that the ‘subject’ can be the main event/focus.

Kitchen items as props

6. Office accessories. Pens, staplers, tape, scissors, paper clips… can help color coordinate and add to your story.

Office Accessories as Props

7. Everyday household items. Chairs, umbrellas, sunglasses, mirrors, frames, rugs, hats, feathers, toys, clothing and pretty much anything else that you can lay your hands on will make a good prop.

Every day items as props

First, make sure that you have a clean space to use as your background (I use a lot of white foam board – a dollar a piece at The Dollar Store). Second, choose your prop (to give color and shape to your photos) and third, try out different ways of including that object or objects in the scene.

Now you have 7 ways to style your photos with props! You’ll be a product photography and styling pro in no time.


*Image sources: Main image “Lindsey Stirling Courage Print” by AmberMichelleFineArt photographed by Your Marketing BFF (you can purchase this beautiful print here). 1. Jenjoi, 2. Lightpoem, 3. Oneswellstudio, 4. Martinedeluna, 5. Lifecreated, 6. Kristin Schmucker, 7. Nectar and Stone.

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