7 Ways To Drive Holiday Pinterest Traffic



Did you know that November and December are THE BEST time of the year to create blog posts that contain affiliate links?  It’s because these two months have millions of people shopping for Christmas gifts, décor and stocking stuffers!

And guess what? The holidays are huge for driving Pinterest traffic to your site.

Now is the time to create Pins and boards for the holidays. Bloggers that take advantage of seasonal interests, including products, DIY projects, decor and recipes, can inspire people while they’re in a holiday mindset, ready to take action.

7 Ways To Drive Holiday Pinterest Traffic – During The Busiest Time of The Year

  1. Get Rich Pins. Rich Pins add extra details to your pins, including price, availability and where to buy.
  2. Make it easy to Pin from your site. When people Pin from your website, they make your products and services discoverable to millions of people on Pinterest. Make it easier for them by adding a Pin It Button to your site’s pages. We can create a custom pin it button and add it to your site.
  3. Start pinning old seasonal posts NOW. It doesn’t matter if your post is one year, two years or three+ years old. If it’s relevant, pin it! I know, you hate that old pinnable image, but pin it anyway. Note: If it were me and I hate my old image(s), I’d add a better graphic and/or create a long pin, hide it and pin it.
  4. Curate inspiring gift lists and holiday guides for your customers. For example my stocking stuffer book list shared last year, seen here.
  5. Use Pin Descriptions with Seasonal Keywords. Good pin descriptions are going to help you show up in Pinterest searches. Try putting your main keyword(s) towards the beginning of your pin description. I’ve made finding the best keywords for the holiday season easy for you! Want to know which keywords are hot? Subscribe below and receive your Free Holiday Season Keyword Guide.
  6. Pin products using affiliate links. Now that Pinterest has lifted the ban on using affiliate links, you’re free to add as many pins with affiliate links to your Pinterest boards as you want. Next week’s post shows you EXACTLY how to pin products using affiliate links! So stay tuned.
  7. Create at least one round up post of ‘holiday ideas’. If you don’t have a lot of time or want to create a post around a popular topic that you don’t have content for, round up some options and put them in a post. For example, let’s say you want to share holiday pillow ideas, but you only have one of your own. Round up some others and build a post.

If you want the extra holiday traffic coming to your site from Pinterest, now is the time!

Which of the 7 ways to drive holiday Pinterest traffic are you going to do? Heck, why not do them all!

holiday-season-pinterest-keywords-2016Don’t Miss Out on Holiday Pinterest Traffic! Get my free cheat sheet “Holiday Season Pinterest Keywords Guide” by subscribing below!

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