7 Marketing Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid…Before It’s Too Late!

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7 Marketing mistakes your business must avoid

Whether you own a small business or are thinking of starting one, learning HOW TO MARKET THE RIGHT WAY and implementing the right strategies is CRITICAL to your financial success.

It’s All About the Buzz.

This really is what marketing is all about… creating a buzz about your business, making customers (and potential customers) aware of you and making them want to buy from you!

I want you to succeed. I know YOU want to succeed.

As a marketing professional and entrepreneur for over 20 years – I have worked with thousands of notably bright and passionate business owners and creatives just like you!

Surprisingly, I hear the same 7 common marketing mistakes OVER and OVER and OVER again.

Here are 7 Marketing Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid…Before It’s Too Late:

Mistake #1: Thinking that if you Build It, They Will Come

Mistake #2: Thinking that EVERYBODY is Your Customer

Mistake #3: Me Too Marketing

Mistake #4: Poor 1st Impression

Mistake #5: Going Straight For Home Base

Mistake #6: Low Price Leader

Mistake #7: No 1st Class Seating

If you’re currently making some of these marketing mistakes, stop it!  It’s not too late to start marketing your business the right way!

So there you have it.


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