60+ Blog Post Content Ideas

List of Blog Post Content Ideas

Unsure what to blog about? Running out of post ideas?

Some of you may not be posting consistently or perhaps anything at all, simply because you don’t know what to post.

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “How do you come up with the endless amount of blog post content ideas to use for your blog?”

The interesting thing is about 80% of my blog post content ideas come from YOU my readers! The questions that you ask and the problems that you share with me about your blogging journey get added as topics to my blog editorial calendar.

Side Note: You can learn more about why you need a blog editorial calendar and how to build one in 7 easy steps HERE. And what’s great, is today’s list of blog post ideas will help you fill out a years’ worth of blog post content on your editorial calendar! YAY

Before I jump in, I want to remind you that ANY blog posts that you write need to be RELEVANT for your audience in order to get the most impact!

No matter what your blog is about, you can benefit (and adapt) from my list of 60+ blog post content ideas.

Let’s get started with a few of my favorite blog post ideas from the list…

1. Whatever Your Community is Asking You.

This sounds simple and it is! Whatever your community is asking you about in comments on Instagram or Facebook posts, in emails, or direct messaging, is a GREAT indicator of what people want to see and learn more from you.

This ONE idea should provide you with a slew of content ideas!

Don’t have a community or people asking you questions yet? No worries, there’s a ton of ideas that will work for you too.

TIP: keep a running list of questions you get asked, as well as, what problems and struggles people within your niche are telling you. These make THE BEST blog posts!!!

Real Life Example: Your Marketing BFF — Photography Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Easy Strawberry Vanilla Layer Cake by Your Marketing BFF

2. Share a ‘best of’ post containing your favorite ___________________ .

Remember to make it relevant to your audience, but here’s a few ‘fill in the blank’ thoughts I quickly came up with… light fixtures, entryways, Christmas trees, books, games, date night ideas, bridal gifts, etc.

Real Life Example: The Tattered Pew – The Best Late Spring to Fall Blooming Flowers

Blog Post Content Ideas -The Tattered Pew

3. Share before/after snapshots

From hair and makeup, to diy projects, to rooms, to whatever, readers love to see before and after snapshots.

Real Life Example: The Leslie Style – One Room Challenge Reveal: Vintage Summer Family Room

Blog Post Content Ideas -The Leslie Style

4. Tell your readers a story so they can get to know you

These types of posts can be really powerful and give your readers a front row seat to you and your life. Readers want to know the authentic, real person behind the blog and writing blog posts of stories in your life – past and present – help them to connect with you on a deeper level.

Real Life Example: The Posh Home – A Letter To My Mom

Blog Post Content Ideas -The Posh Home

5. Share your Best Tip or Top Tips.

Think about what your blog is about and the type of tips you can share with your audience. Are you the queen of budget shopping? Good at organization? Know how to color coordinate a family’s dress attire for a photoshoot? Can make paper flowers that look real? You get the idea.

Real Life Example: It’s Anna Blog – Too Busy, Try These Tips To Streamline Your Clean Home

Blog Post Content Ideas -Its Anna Blog

6. Show how to decorate a mantle for _________________ (insert holiday or season)

7. Give a product review

8. Do a floral tutorial

9. Show how to use a tool

10. Talk about how you got started with your blog and some of the challenges you faced

Blogs continue to remain one of the best ways to reach and connect with your audience on a long-term, on-going basis. And once you build a following of people that like, know and trust you… they’ll buy from you too!

Want the full 60+ Blog Post Content Ideas? Go HERE to get the full list sent to you.

This list will keep your blog writing and marketing strategy inspired for a long time.


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