5 Things Your Website Should Do

Tell Your StoryWhen I was gearing up to redesign this blog, I made a list of the key elements that I wanted the site to do for me and my business… and today I wanted to share these with you. (Missed the ‘New Look’ reveal? Read it here).

So whether you’re getting ready to design a new site or tweak an existing one, here’s 5 things your site should do for you:

1.     Attract a specific client.

You want clients that think like you and feel like you. Why? Because then they understand you.  In my case, the more that I write about what I like, how I do things and who I am, the more people that are like me will be attracted to me.

2.       Be a conversation piece on the web.

A strong personal brand creates an experience. And you want an experience that people will want to share with others.  People that want to chat about your site and share it are marketing for you…and this is how you’ll get more and more clients, with no cost.

3.       Tell your story.

People don’t just want to know you’re competent; they want to know what makes you move. The messaging, the visuals, the types of content/features you put on your site play a vital part in telling your story. If I’m looking for a new photographer, there are hundreds of sites on the web to choose from. I’m on your site hunting for cues – what moves you, what sort of style you have, what makes you the perfect fit for me…so I can make a ‘buying’ decision!

 4.       Accomplish your goals.

You want to achieve something. The goal of your site might be to keep up with growth/demand, provide education, generate leads, sell products and/or services, help others, or point readers down some other path. If you’re not benefiting from your site and achieving your goals, it’s a time waster – and I know you have better things to do with your time!

5.       Support your online brand.

It showcases who you are, what you have to offer, and what clients get by working with you. Plain and simple.

For me, I don’t want someone going to my site and not having an opinion or an ‘eh’ opinion and move on! I’d rather people come to my site and say, “I like this gal, I trust what she has to say, we would get along, and we would be a great fit.”

I want my site to give a distinct FEELING; either they like me and like what I have to say or they don’t.  If they don’t, we were never supposed to work together to begin with.

I’ve enjoyed revamping my site and further defining who I am on the web. I encourage you to do the same.

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