5 Easy Steps To Using Clipping Mask With Text In Adobe Photoshop

Have you ever wondered how people get artwork to fit the shape of an object or word? In today’s tutorial, we’re going to use some text as a clipping mask to have an image appear through the letters using Adobe Photoshop.

A clipping mask is created in Photoshop when you use the content of one layer to mask the layers above it.

In a nutshell, you’re basically clipping around the artwork to “fit” the shape of the object.

5 Easy Steps To Using Clipping Mask With Text In Adobe Photoshop

Here’s my 5 easy steps to using clipping mask with text in Adobe Photoshop…

Step 1. In Photoshop, under FILE > OPEN the photo that you want to use to appear through the letters.  I chose a spring tulip picture.

Step 2. Duplicate the photo. LAYER > DUPLICATE LAYER. Then remove the locked ‘background’ image from the Window Layers area by click/hold/dragging the locked background image to the recycle bin icon (lower right corner)

Step 3. Using the type tool, add the text you want and place it on top of the photo. I chose the word HELLO.

Step 4. Place the background photo in the foreground. LAYER > ARRANGE > SEND BACKWARD. Now the photo layer is on top of the text.

Step 5: Click on the photo in the Window Layers area so that it’s highlighted, then LAYER > CREATE CLIPPING MASK. Now you’ll see that the photo “fit” only the shape of the text.


Tip: Save your new image as a .png file format, so you can place the image on any colored background.

Here’s our newly created clipping mask with text… placed on a black background.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 5 Easy Steps To Using Clipping Mask With Text In Adobe Photoshop. Think of all the fun stuff you can create for your blog and/or blog posts!

And before you leave…

Here’s a quick tutorial graphic I created to easily pin and share with others! xo


*Main image via Haute Chocolate

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  1. Tana – I am playing catch up on some of the blog posts I read regularly so I missed this great information until today. I have been wondering how to do this word clipping and I am so excited to learn. It’s a little thing that makes a very professional look to the overall appearance so thank you so much for this post! Best, Alexis

    1. You’re so welcome! Little details like these are fun and can set your space apart from others. Let me know what you create!

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