3 Steps To Come Up With The Perfect Blog Name


Picking the perfect blog name (and domain name) that attracts potential visitors/clients, is memorable and projects the message you want to convey, can be one of the biggest challenges when starting or rebranding your blog.

Sometimes your name just comes to you instantly, sometimes you need to spend some time thinking and brainstorming options. Some like to simply use their name in order to build their personal brand, while others want to create a unique brand – say Apple, Starbucks, Your Marketing BFF! Wink

If you’re going to simply use your name as the perfect blog name for you, feel free to stop reading now… if using your name is NOT the path you want to take, keep reading!

The domain name should be the name of your blog.

A domain name is the internet address (the URL) that visitors type into their browsers in order to access your blog. A great name gives you credibility, SPEAKS DIRECTLY to your ideal client, is MEMORABLE and represents you and your brand online… And the domain name should be the name of your blog!

Characteristics of the perfect blog name: Short. Simple. Easy to Spell. Catchy. Easy to Remember. Unique. Pleasing to the Eye. Different from your Competitors. Memorable.

characteristics of the perfect blog name
Here’s how I approach choosing a blog name, and the 3 steps I take to come up with the perfect blog name…

Step 1. I start LISTING WORDS. I look at my ideal client profile and visualize the traits and thoughts that come to mind. I think of the results of the service or product offerings and I also think about how it’s different. List descriptive words, words appropriate to your topic, and words that tell visitors or hint about what the blog is about.

Tip: Don’t over analyze or edit your word list, just let it flow. It’s for your eyes only. It’s
okay for it to be ‘ugly’ and look like chicken scratch!

Step 2. When I can’t think of any more words, I take a few of the stronger/key words and look up
synonyms for those words in a thesaurus and add the ones that I like to my existing list.

Step 3. Once I’ve completed my list, I choose the words that resonate best with my ideal client
and start to mix and blend or STRING WORDS TOGETHER.

When I’ve completed step #3, I pick my favorite combination – the idea that stands out most to me and what I believe to be the perfect blog name.

I’ve been doing this process for so long, that I can sit on it and then JUST KNOW. But you might want to run it past a few people that you like, know and trust. Ask them if it meets the characteristics of the perfect blog name. Does it represent you/your brand? Does it tell visitors or hint about what the blog is about?

Something I almost forgot…

It’s okay that your name doesn’t say what it is, but there should be a story – a name that you love, that represents you. What does the name mean to you?? Also, I tell clients that a tagline is a great way to clearly describe or define your blog, if your name doesn’t!

A real life example – the Your Marketing BFF blog name!

YourMarketingBFF.com was created from the following list of words (I had a lot more words, but you get the idea!)
Take charge
Honest/Brutally honest
Tell it like it is
Straight Shooter
A Best Friend
Bold statement
Many roles: mom, wife, professional, woman, etc.
Think outside the box

During step #3, I combined ‘Marketing + BFF’ together. I first thought of placing the word ‘the’ before Marketing BFF, but this wasn’t personal enough. By placing the word ‘your’ before Marketing BFF, it became a RELATIONSHIP… which is what I’m all about! I’m not a one and done kind-of-person with my clients, we become friends for life! So when they DOINK something up or need honest business advice – they know they can call me because that’s what best friends are for!!!

BONUS: How others came up with their perfect blog name.

steps to creating the perfect blog nameCarriebradshawlied.com
Kathleen Barnes came up with the name after post-grad life wasn’t exactly as she had pictured. A love for dressing up and fashion, plus constantly being asked by peers and girlfriends, “Where did you get that?” or “I would never think to pair that together.” In 2010, she decided to start a blog that shared all of her fashion choices, looks for less, and so on. Having been a huge Sex & the City fan; finding it entertaining (and misleading) that Carrie led such a fabulous lifestyle in such an expensive city when in actuality most of us have to choose the shoes OR the cosmopolitans. Kathleen couldn’t afford both on a budget… so she chose shoes! And a blog title to match!!!

steps to creating the perfect blog name 2Thewhitebuffalostylingco.com
Lindsay wanted a name that reflected who she is and what she’s about… a critical flaw with ‘Life of Splendor’—the original name of her blog. Lindsay ended up choosing ‘The White Buffalo’ because it was unique and she loved how it encompassed her style; white and modern with rustic influences. She added ‘Styling Co.’ because she wanted it to be clear that her blog focused on bringing style into one’s life. “While the name doesn’t say 100% what I do, it definitely points readers in a direction.”

Now it’s your turn to go through the 3 steps to come up with the perfect blog name! Once you’re done, I’d recommend Bluehost to see if your chosen domain name is available and to register it. CLICK HERE.

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