2020 Reader Favorites – Top 10 Blog Posts

It’s that time again… As we look back + review our readers’ favorite blog posts of the year.

This is something every blogger should do. Why?

  • It’s a quick and easy way for readers to see the top posts, all in one post.
  • It shows what readers love to read/see most from you and your blog.
  • It helps brands see topics you excel in + how you might be a good fit for them and their products.
  • It also helps you plan out your focus and content for this year’s editorial calendar.

Are you ready to see our compiled list of 2020 Reader Favorites? Here they are starting backwards from #10 to #1…

10. 12 Lead Magnet ideas To Increase Email Subscribers

12 lead magnet ideas to increase email subscribers

Creating an email list of raving fans who buy from you is a key component to generating sales from your blog and product/service offerings. So I wasn’t surprised this made the top 10 list, since this is something all bloggers and content creators need to be doing.

9. 7 Rustic, Modern and Natural Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Rustic Modern Natural Thanksgiving Tablescapes -2

Y’all love ideas and inspiration! And this assembly of rustic, modern and natural Thanksgiving tablescapes garnered a lot of pageviews. You can never go wrong with several examples of gorgeous creativity in one post!

8. Best of Christmas Holiday Decor Favorites – 2020

Best of Christmas Holiday Home Decor 2020

I started this aggregate post of ‘my favorite Christmas home decors’ back in 2016 and every year since. Why? Because it ALWAYS makes my top 10 list for the year + I love doing it! Anytime you have a hit (meaning it drives a lot of traffic), it’s always good to do it again!!!

7. Is Blogging Dead?

Is blogging dead starting a blog in 2021

This title and subject matter caught a lot of attention! I can’t tell you how many times I was asked if blogging is relevant and profitable today – and not to ‘ruin the ending’ (if you haven’t read this post yet) go read it and you’ll get the answer!

6. 60+ Blog Post Content Ideas

Easy Strawberry Vanilla Layer Cake by Your Marketing BFF

This post shared ten of the 60+ ideas, but at the end of the post I provided a way to get the full 60+ blog post content ideas (Pssst: this was also a lead magnet and I scored a bunch of new email subscribers from it. So it was a definite win/win… meaning a win for my readers and a win for me too!)

5. How To Create Your First Lead Magnet

how to create your first lead magnet

Have you noticed a theme in this years’ list yet? I wrote a handful of blog posts about the importance of growing your list of email subscribers and thus, lead magnets as one of the ways.

Want me to let you in on a little secret??? I’ve been working on an email list building course – and it’s launching in Jan! Y’all were telling me this was something that you wanted and needed. So it’s coming very soon…

4. DIY Home Decor Clay Pot Bells

decorative Diy home decor clay pot bells decoration

I absolutely LOVE doing DIY’s, but I don’t always put them on the blog because the editorial calendar is already full. This particular DIY was inspired by a set of antique cow bells and were less than $5 to make!

In 2021, I’m going to make time to do more DIY’s (and share them). You enjoy them and so do I. Plus it stimulates my creativity… I like seeing something that I want (at a price tag I don’t want) and recreating it for less!

3. Modern Sage and Metallic Christmas Home Tour

Modern Sage and Metallic Christmas Home Tour

2019’s Christmas tree went viral on Pinterest and it’s always hard to top a winner, but this year’s tree went viral too! Yay. The sage color added a soft warmth and there were lots of greenery, cozy details and extra twinkle accents too!

2. Spring Home Tour: Modern Fresh Blossoms

spring home tour modern fresh blossoms -3

Each season I love decorating our home… I come up with a theme or color scheme and run with it! These are “fun” non-business posts, but they draw a lot of new visitors to my site. Some stay, some go, some become customers.

This is what I want you to understand… I’m all about enjoying your blogging journey, so don’t feel like you can only do one thing! I’m proof you can still have a financially successful blog while easily mixing business and pleasure into your blog.

Okay, it’s drumroll time! Here’s the #1 blog post (based on traffic numbers) in 2020…

  1. My Favorite eBook Templates
My favorite ebook templates
My favorite ebook templates

Guys I was in COMPLETE SHOCK (and perhaps a little denial) that is was my most trafficked post in 2020! I received a few different emails asking for some eBook template suggestions, so I thought this might be a good blog post to do. But I had no idea, this would even make the top 10 list, let along the top spot! YOWZA. Oh – and of course this contained affiliate links in it, so I made some money too! THANK YOU!!!

2020 has been a crazy year, but for the online space it’s also been an amazing year; more reading of blog posts, more shopping online and more purchases of online trainings and courses. Let’s celebrate the wins and kick the disappointments to the curb!

Just one more thing…

Thank you SOOOOO much for your on-going support, readership and love you showed in 2020 to this blog. I appreciate every single one of you.

Cheers & love you guys.


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  1. I remember and loved so many of those posts Tana! I bought one of your recommended templates for my first lead magnet too! 🙂 Thanks for all the good tips and ideas and inspiration all year. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to in 2021! Happy New Year!

    1. You are such a faithful reader Barbara, I’m not surprised you would have seen most if not all of the posts. 🙂 Thank you for always following and commenting. We’ll need to do a chat because I want to hear what you’re up to in 2021! xoxo friend!

    1. Lot’s of good, exciting stuff… and I’m so close to wrapping things up! May 2021 bring you MANY BLESSINGS friend. xo

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