Every year I look back and review my reader favorites and then compile a list of top 10 blog posts for the year.

This is something every blogger should do. Why?

  • It’s a quick way for readers to see the top posts, all in one spot.
  • It shows what readers love to read/see most from you.
  • It helps brands see topics you excel in and how you might be a good match for them and their products (for things like sponsored posts).
  • It also helps you plan out your focus and content for this year’s editorial calendar.

Are you ready to see our 2019 reader favorites? Here they are starting backwards from #10 to #1…

10. Quick and Easy BLT Dip Recipe

This quick and easy dip may not seem like much, but it tastes so amazing! It’s creamy and full of bacon, making it a great appetizer to make and take to a party – like an upcoming Super Bowl party!

9. Best of Christmas Holiday Decor Favorites 2019

Best of Christmas Holiday Décor Favorites 2019_pink peppermint design-3

I started this aggregate post – of my favorite Christmas home decors – back in 2016. I’ve done one ever since because it ALWAYS makes my top 10 list for the year + I enjoy doing it. Whenever you have a hit blog post, it’s always good to do a repeat! Yep, you’ll be sure to see one this year too!!!

8. DIY Painted Kitchen Rug

diy painted kitchen rug blue and white-1

Y’all know I’m frugal! And kitchen area rugs tend to come with a hefty price tag. So— I made my own for less than $30 and I taught y’all how to make one for yourselves too!

7. The Perfect 3 Day Girls Travel Guide to Waco, TX

Magnolia Silos 3 Day Waco Texas Travel Guide-3

This was such a fun trip with a bunch of bloggers and instagrammers. We crammed a lot of fun, shopping and eating in 3 days… and of course spent a lot of time at The Silos too!

6. Recipes Inspired by Joanna Gaines Cookbook

Havarti Mozarella Tomato Basil Sandwich by Your Marketing BFF-1

I love doing blog hops with other bloggers because it pushes me creatively to try something new and/or unexpected.  The task was to take a recipe out of the Magnolia Table cookbook and make at least 3 changes to the recipe to make it your own. For this hop, I decided to make and photograph a grilled havarti, tomato & basil sandwich. I have to tell ya… this sandwich went gangbusters on Pinterest. Who would have thought?!

5. My Spring Home Tour: Organic, Modern, Refresh

transitional modern house spring home tour decorating ideas on a budget-2

I love changing our home up each season and it seems to be a reader favorite too! With the addition of a new, organic sideboard, last years theme was hatched! Plus I like to share my low-cost decorating tips and ideas at the same time. Psst… I’ve already got my vision started for spring 2020, haha. (FYI: Last years Spring Home Tour made the top 10 blog post list of 2018, it was our #1 most read post that year).

4. 9 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Blue and White Easter Egg Decoupage Decorating

This was another blog hop I participated in, opting to create decoupaged Easter eggs out of blue and white shell patterned napkins. They definitely were unique and got a lot of traffic!

3. Easy Blueberry Lemon Crescent Roll

easy blueberry lemon crescent rolls

The picture says it all! These are delicious and the perfect addition to any breakfast or brunch! (And can be made any time of the year!!!)

2. Modern, Simple, Blue and Sage Christmas Home Tour

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -2

To date, this has been my favorite Christmas home décor design + color pairing! The colors, the warmth, the simplicity, THE TREE. Every inch exudes me and my soul and it truly touches my creative heart to know that so many people loved it too!

Okay, it’s drumroll time! Here’s the #1 blog post (based on traffic numbers) in 2019…

  1. 7 Top Sponsored Post Networks To Join For Paid Blogging Opportunities
7 Sponsored Post Networks To Join For Paid Blogging Opportunities

Guys I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED with this being the most trafficked post in 2019! Usually a post that falls under the most mainstream types of posts (Recipes, Home Décor/Design, Fashion, Crafts/DIY’s) take this top spot – but no, this year my ‘how to blog’ readers stole the show.

I love what transpired in 2019 and I’m excited to share what’s in store for 2020!

Just one more thing…

Thank you SOOOOO much for your on-going support, readership and love you showed in 2019 to this blog. I appreciate every single one of you.

Cheers & love you guys.


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