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We did a review and pulled out the top 20 posts of 2015. This is always fun to see which were the most popular posts (based on pageviews from our Google Analytics) and the clear favorites (topics, ideas, strategies, etc.) to keep doing in 2016! Are you ready to see the results?

Brand-Inspiration-Board20. Our website design for Jeanne Campana Design got a lot of reading and we’ve added several new clients from the interior design community since this post…I LOVE working with this creative community!

Tessa-Sam-of-Sweet-Bake-Shop19. From time to time, we’ll showcase a business like Sweet Bake Shop and break things down of why they’re successful. We can learn so much from others successes and failures!

Instagram-top-9-images18. My personal 90 Day Instagram Challenge (and Results) hit home to a lot of you – being honest, transparent and real is how we all learn and succeed together!

Instagram-Sizing-Update17. You were excited to learn about Instagram’s new photo format sizing and how to do it.

Periscope 101 for beginners16.  A lot of you were curious about Periscope, the newest social media platform launched in 2015, so we taught you the basics in Periscope 101: For Beginners.

How-To-Start-A-Blog-by-Your-Marketing-BFF15. We added thousands of new readers and want to be bloggers, which is why so many were interested in How to Start a Blog – 3 Easy Steps.

10-Min-Marketing-3-word-branding14. Our 10-minute marketing series was a huge hit again this year (made the top 20 list last year too)! The three favorites were: 3 Word Branding Test, Secret Pinterest Influencer List and Image SEO.

how-to-find-the-best-keywords13. This how to find the best keywords your potential customers are using was very popular!

How-To-Create-Your-Blog-Content-and-Social-Media-Calendar12. Knowing how to create your blog content and social media editorial calendar helps you develop quality and timely content that your readers will love. And cuts out a lot of stress too!

image-seo-tips-example-flamingo-donut11. SEO is important to your blogging success, which is why our 3 Tips to optimize your images for SEO was HUGE!

Give-it-all-you-got-and-then-some-dalmation-spot-printable10. This free printable Give It All You Got and Then Some is displayed in a number of offices worldwide!

Rustic-Natural-Bridal-Booth9. Our trade show inspiration posts drive A LOT of traffic and this natural, fresh, vintage-inspired wedding booth by Green Tree Photography was seen AND read by many.

Marketing-Basics-number-1-Photography8. We did a 3-part series called Marketing Your Business: The Basics that was important to us…and clearly to you too! Photography had the highest pageviews, followed by Trust and then Enchantment.

Christmas-Card-Overlay-Designs7. We were excited to share some 2015 Christmas Overlay designs – for your business or personal Christmas cards, social media and/or blog post images. And a number of you were excited to buy! Thx so much.

How-to-do-an-Instagram-Loop-Giveaway6. Many were interested in how to do an Instagram Loop Giveaway.

the-anatomy-of-a-great-logo5. The Anatomy of a Great Logo was a big hit because it appeals to my target audience, plus fellow graphic designers that follow us too!

DIY-modern-Valentine-Gift-Tags4. We love Valentine’s Day and so do you! Our free Valentine’s Day Gift Tags were downloaded and printed by many!

Personalized Gift Basket3. Our branding partner Tiny Prints asked us to create a Personalized Gift Basket…their readers and ours LOVED this post!

free-modern-chic-Christmas-gift-tags-and-wrapping-paper-20152. Our modern Christmas Gift Tags are popular every year. But our 2014 designs were the 2nd most viewed blog post AND the #1 downloaded printable on our site this year. YOWZA!

7-steps-to-use-Google-Calendar-to-create-your-Editorial-Calendar1. The top post of the year was our 7 steps to use Google calendar to create your editorial calendar. If you missed it the first time around, I’d definitely go read it now!

It’s important to your business to know what is working and what is not. And what is working, do more of it! This is what I call strategic marketing!!!

Take a look at your 2015 – then expand on your successes and abandon anything that wasn’t or isn’t working. And if you want to check out our 2014 Readers Favorites, you can see/read those here.

Thank you SO much for all of your support, readership and love in 2015. Cheers to a successful, fulfilling 2016! Love you guys a ton!!! Tana – Your Marketing BFF

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    1. Thanks Summer! Do you do a review of your blog posts each year? Even if you don’t publicize it, it’s a GREAT way to see what sort of posts are most loved by your readers – so you can do more of them! Happy New Year to you as well. Excited to watch your journey in 2016!!! Go check out http://www.sheleavesalittlesparkle.com, a beautiful blog/site full of yummy goodness.

  1. I never have but I wrote it down on my to do list today after I read this! So excited about all of the things I’m going to learn from you! Muah!

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