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10 Min Marketing Snapseed App Tutorial10 Minute Marketing is a quick, marketing strategy you can start doing immediately. This is a way for you to start taking ACTION towards marketing your business with just 10 minutes of your time!

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Snapseed Tutorial

Objective: Take light, bright, airy photos using your iPhone and Snapseed (a FREE photo editing app that is very user friendly) – it’s about perfecting your photos in a snap!

I get a lot of people that ask me how I get my photos so light, bright and airy, especially the photo’s that I use with my iPhone and share on Instagram.

Your Marketing BFF snapseed tutorial before and after pics
It’s Easy and Convenient.

Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy or convenient for me to lug around my Canon 5D Mark III, but I always have my iPhone on me… and I know a lot of you only use your phones .

So if you’re looking to take light, bright, airy photos like me using your iPhone, this 10 minute marketing Snapseed Tutorial is for you!

Snapseed Tutorial by Your Marketing BFF

Side note: There are lots of other cool editing options you can do using Snapseed, so it’s worth checking out other Snapseed tutorials and how-to’s.


1. Download Snapseed app (free from the iTunes App Store) to your iPhone.

2. Open Snapseed and click “Open photo-from device”.

3. Click on the bottom right pencil icon to pull up the editing tools.

4. Click “Tune Image”.

Touch your picture then drag your finger down – this is how you toggle between all the different editing options. The main ones I use are Brightness, Contrast, and Shadows.

5. Brighten the picture.

It depends on the light of your original photo, but I tend to brighten my pictures somewhere between 60-100. Simply touch the screen and slide your finger to the right (and you’ll see your number increase. Slide your finger to the left and the number will decrease).

6. Play with the Contrast until you get the desired color you’re looking for.

7. Play with the Shadows. Sometimes my pictures can have terrible shadows and I want them to be more bright white…simply play with the shadow intensity until your shadows disappear.

8. Once you’re satisfied with your photo. Tap ✔ on the bottom right to save all your adjustments.

Snapseed tutorial before and after pics9. Make your photo come to life.

Click on the bottom right pencil icon to pull up the editing tools again. Click “Detail”. Just like above, touch your picture and drag your finger down to bring up your scroll options. I like to use the sharpen option somewhere between 70-100. Tap ✔ on the bottom right to save your adjustment.

10. Hit SAVE on the top right to save your image on your phone.

It literally takes me less than a minute to make my photos bright, light and airy with this Snapseed app, which is why I love it!

snapseed tutorial before and after pics-2

I hope this 10 Minute Marketing Snapseed Tutorial helps you lighten and brighten your photos.

Hashtag #YourMarketingBFF on your Instagram photos using this technique and I might just share it with my Instagram followers!

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*Image Sources: Your Marketing BFF, The Modern Mum, Anakjajan.

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  1. Thank you so much for this!!! Been struggling for the perfect Snapseed “formula” for quite some time now. 🙂 And thanks for all of your other articles here, they’re very helpful. 🙂 I appreciate how you generously share the things that you know with your readers. Keep it up, please. 🙂

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