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10 Minute Marketing is a quick, marketing strategy you can start doing immediately. This is a way for you to start taking ACTION towards marketing your business with just 10 minutes of your time!

Increase Pinterest Traffic

Objective: Find your top traffic driving pins and then create spin-offs to increase Pinterest traffic to your website.

In our lives, we’ve experienced a number of spin-off movies, tv shows, and products from highly successful ones. Today we are going to take the same logic that what was popular once will probably be popular (and successful) again.


  1. Find your top traffic driving pins.

You can find out what your top 10 traffic driving pins are by reading your Google Analytics.

You’re going to log into your Google Analytics account, look at a 90 day calendar date range (For example: July 1st – September 30th), then go here: Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals > Pinterest .com

  1. Write down your top 10 traffic driving pins.

Click on the icon and you’ll be able to see the actual pinned image and the blog post it came from. See image below.

  1. Create a spin-off by choosing 1-3 of your best pins. More than 3 might be overwhelming for you!

I want you to think of this as repurposed content. Just as a TV show spin-off retains something from their parent series – usually one or two popular characters – to offer something similar but still slightly different from the original content that they loved.

By creating a spin-off of your most popular pins/posts, you too can drive new traffic to your website.

For example, one of my top ten pins was this gift basket (see image below) featured in the blog post “How To Make A Personalized Gift Basket” – this was a post I wrote back in 2015!

Perhaps a good idea would be to create a spin-off like “7 Personalized Gift Baskets That Rock”, or “Personalized Gift Basket Ideas For Mother’s Day” or “5 Inexpensive Ways To Personalize a Gift Basket”.

I’d be expanding on this existing top driving pin, referencing the original content, and providing my readers with something similar but slightly different from the original content that they loved.

And since I know the original post was popular with my readers/audience, I can be pretty confident that they’ll be intrigued by my spin-off!

Note: Let’s say 3 of your best pins are related to pictures inside your home. Use all three of the images to create a spin-off like ‘5 Ways To Get The Most Beautiful Home in the Neighborhood’. Haha, hopefully you get the idea.

I know writing a blog post will take longer than 10 minutes, but now you know a future blog post to write. Once your spin-off blog post goes live, pin your images to your Pinterest boards.

  1. Repeat these steps in the future, if you so desire!

I hope you enjoyed this 10 Minute Marketing to increase Pinterest traffic to your website.

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    1. It’s a strong ‘calculated risk’ strategy… building upon wins so far in your journey. I prefer this type of strategy vs a spray and pray approach, haha.

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