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Comments Growth Strategy

10-Minute Marketing is a quick, marketing strategy you can start doing immediately. This is a way for you to start taking ACTION towards marketing your business with just 10 minutes of your time!

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COMMENTS GROWTH STRATEGY:  comment + build community with NEW blogs / businesses

Objective: Leave comments on at least 3 blogs (or businesses) that you’ve never visited before.

One of the best ways to promote and market your website is to comment on others! By commenting on NEW blogs and/or businesses you’ll be introducing yourself to someone new, and indirectly to their readers (that scroll down, read or leave comments). This not only builds community, but is a free way to market and grow your business…heck, you might even find a new favorite site to follow.


1. Find new blogs/businesses to comment on.  Not sure how to find new ones? Here are 3 ways:

See who’s following the influencers in your nicheNote: Influencers are businesses within your niche that rock at what they do!

The best social media platforms for this are Pinterest and Instagram. Simply click on an influencer’s profile and then click on FOLLOWERS. (If you like Google Plus, look at ‘have her/him in circles).

Look at a popular hashtag on Facebook or Twitter. You’re going to want to see who’s using a hashtag that’s relevant to a specific topic that you might blog about. Once you’re looking at a popular hashtag feed, look for new businesses. For me this might be #design, #branding, or #marketing.

Look within the comments section of a blog or Instagram account you read regularly. You can easily find someone new.

2. Read a blog post, an Instagram post, or Pinterest pin AND leave a comment.

I’m going to assume you know how to leave a comment. And since you’re a business, I’ll remind you to leave the comment as your business (and not you/the individual). Why? When you comment as your business, you will leave your business name and website address (plus provide a link directly to your site).

Here’s an example of how I do this:
How To Leave A Comment
NOTE: People used to comment on blogs all the time! In the past year there has been a decline in people leaving comments. Now it’s A LOT easier to stand out and get noticed by the blogger/business. Use this to your advantage!!!

Also, very few people comment on pins – every time the pin that you commented on gets repined, your comment is with it.


If you comment below, you only have 2 more businesses to comment on for the day! Wink.

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  1. Great actionable tips Tana! I agree blog interaction has changed and leaving comments is a great way to get noticed. Similar to handwriting thank you notes. I enjoy reading the advice you share in your posts. Have a great week! 🙂

    1. Thanks Melissa! And you’re 110% correct – it is similar to handwriting thank you notes… hardly anyone is doing this and so you STAND OUT! A great week to you as well.

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