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Elsa Hosk Spring 2011 Guess Campaign

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the Your Marketing BFF brand style closely aligns to my all-time favorite brand GUESS…

Great attention to detail, a European passion, a target customer that is confident, chic, fun and outgoing, and a look that is classic, yet stylish and modern in every sense.

Quality and Attitude are what sets the Your Marketing BFF brand apart.  Do you have a brand? What sets your brand apart from your competitors? Do you clearly see your brand in everything that you do?

A brand is not a logo. It’s not a website. It’s not a brochure or ad or packaging. A brand is an experience – it’s about bringing all the ways you reach out and “touch” your target audience collectively into one climactic stage!  And each touch point – your business cards, photography, Facebook page, your blog or website, packaging, voicemail greeting, signage, trade show booth, everything – should be a CONSISTENT EXPRESSION of that brand!!!

A great brand inspires you to take ACTION + EXPERIENCE that particular brand.

Take a look at how the brand experience played out in the spring 2011 GUESS campaign by famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth.   I wanted to share this campaign in particular because the black and white classic images are reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s iconic beach movies that I love.

Setting the tone: Cropped pants and jeans, polka dot bustier tops, floral rompers and pin-up inspired swimwear set the tone for the campaign.

Setting the ‘fantasy’ experience:  The revealing close ups and scenic shots transport the viewer back to a simpler time characterized by fun in the sun. Playful photographs capture carefree moments of drinking, eating, laughing and playing at the beach.  Alyssa Miller, Elsa Hosk, Kate Upton, and Silviu Tolu are the ‘perfect cast’ to bring the remote surf town to life.

Alyssa Miller Spring 2011 Guess Campaign

Kate Upton Spring 2011 Guess Campaign

Elsa Hosk and Silviu Tolu Spring 2011 Guess Campaign

Elsa Hosk 2011 Spring Guess Campaign

Spring 2011 Guess Campaign Elsa Hosk

The essence of GUESS in 3 words is Freedom, Passion, and Wonder.  You’ll find these branding words physically written on their website,  in their photography (as illustrated above), in their clothing, and in every aspect of their brand.

GUESS knows who they are, who their ideal customer is,  and how to visually attract their ideal customer. Which is why the GUESS brand has been strong and a marketing powerhouse since 1981!

At Your Marketing BFF, we strive to find a balance between the fantasy of your business and the reality of life.  Do we sound like the perfect fit to help you create your brand or refresh your existing brand? Drop me a line at and let’s get started!


Things to consider before investing in branding and design services with Your Marketing BFF:

1. Am I a go-getter?  Am I willing to listen and do what it takes?

2.  Do I like a modern, sophisticated style?  A style that is more editorial in nature?

3.  Am I a good story teller? If not, we are good at pulling the story out of you and visually representing you/your business. 

4.  Do you like me?  We’re going to work closely together to build your brand, so if I’m not the peanut butter to your jelly, we probably shouldn’t work together… the magic comes when we ‘GET’ each other.


All Images © Guess. Found via my Pinterest.

BONUS: More amazing Spring 2011 Guess Campaign photos by photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Spring 2011 Guess Campaign

Spring 2011 Guess Campaign_2

Spring 2011 Guess Campaign_3

Spring 2011 Guess Campaign_4

Spring 2011 Guess Campaign_5

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    1. That’s why I like you… you’re a go-getter! I’m sure you already googled the answer, but in a nutshell it’s ‘a set of guidelines that editors use to help make your words as consistent and effective as possible.’ The key to an amazing brand is maintaining a balance between your unique writing style, your voice and editorial style. xo

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