{Staging} Smart Image, Great Products = Winning Combo

A once pitiful dog boutique went through an amazing image makeover and is now a Hip Hangout for Cosmopolitan Canines.


The owners dream was to help make money for the family and help pay for her kids’ college.  The owners reality was that the business was actually losing money, not making money!

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{Advice} Website Do’s and Don’t You Dare’s – Your CLIFF NOTES version.

I enjoyed college perhaps a little too much – if that’s possible! Hmmmm…

As Your Marketing BFF, I have to be completely honest with you… there was a time or two that I SHOULD HAVE read the entire book for an upcoming lit test but INSTEAD I bought those little guides called “Cliff Notes” – you know, those thin, flappy, construction-sign looking books that explained the literary works (like Romeo & Juliet) in a brief outline form.

Yes, I know this wasn’t IDEAL but it gave me the majority of the information FAST.

Like in college, this post is the CLIFF NOTES version – YOUR quick guide to the Website Do’s and Don’t You Dare’s.

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{Advice} Are you in the I-Can-Do-It-Myself Zone?

Are you having a tough time letting go of your ‘I Can-Do-It-Myself’ moxie?

I’m an independent, free-spirited person who has always struggled with asking for help. Maybe it’s because I’m the baby. Maybe it’s because I’m just FIESTY…I really don’t know.

But in the past few years, I’ve learned to ask for help.  I had to in order to have a family life, expand my business and empty my many ‘when I have time’ piles!

I knew I had to ask for help so I could grow at the rate I wanted AND keep my sanity!

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