{Marketing Mistake} Poor 1st Impression

(same lady, two very different first impressions)

Mistake #4: Poor 1st Impression

Have you heard the saying:

“You never get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.” 

So – I’m here to tell you…you better make the first one count!

If I asked you, “What is your image?” Could you give me an answer? Or better yet, if I asked one of your customers what your business image is, do you think they could tell me?

Image is what draws people to your business and your image should be CRYSTAL CLEAR and CONSISTENT in every aspect of your business.

Do your customer’s say WOW – this is AMAZING?

Your image will be judged from head to toe. So you’d better be ready to WOW the judges (your customers).

So here’s what I’m suggesting you do:

If you have a store/location. Videotape your location as if you’re a first time customer – start from the street (the outside first impression: your name, your windows) and work your way inside. You’re to be filming the ‘Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes’.

Now go watch it or have somebody else watch it. The video doesn’t lie.

Online only.  It’s a heck of a lot easier to judge someone else, so here’s what you can do…go ask your staff, an honest friend, Your Marketing BFF or outsider to judge you…the key element is that they have to be willing to be completely honest with you!

Here’s what needs to be judged:

  1. The Name & Logo. Does it tell you anything about what you do or who you are?
  2. The Décor &/or Style. Is there a theme that matches your specific customer group? (Hip, Rocker chic, upscale luxury, French boutique, vintage, Green…you get the picture).
  3. Personal Image. You and your staff, if you have any, should look a way that people meeting you say “I want to look like you!” You don’t have to wear a ‘uniform’ but you should match the look/style/flavor of your specific customer group.
  4. Marketing Materials. Website, business cards, brochures, signage, emails, postcards, displays, facebook page, any form of advertising…these are typically the first impressions a potential customer receives – are they  consistent with your image?
  5. The Experience. Are you providing your customers with an experience they’ll never forget – so memorable in fact that they spread the word to all their friends?

If you really want to make a good first impression – I’d recommend that you get your image in order. Your image draws people (and their pocketbooks) to your business, gives them something to brag about to their friends and keeps them coming back.

So there you have it!


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