Fabulous Giveaway for Business Owners :: a $250 credit for services from ME!

Your Marketing BFF giveaway

Okay get ready! We’ve teamed up with The TomKat Studio (123k FB Fans) this week to giveaway a $250 credit for services from me – Your Marketing BFF!

If you recently started a business or are looking to give your current business a marketing jumpstart, this giveaway is for you!

The winner can use the $250 to purchase:

  • Brand in a Box kits with customization
  • Consulting (help with your marketing, branding, social media, SEO, site critique/suggestions, etc.)
  • Put the dollar value towards purchasing a Semi Custom Site Design, or their Custom Branding and Design services.
  • Anything and everything in the Your Marketing BFF shop!

We’ve made it super easy, simply go here and enter!!

MJ Brand in a Box(Our latest MJ Design – available as a Brand in a Box AND a Semi-Custom Website)

P.S. Share this giveaway on Facebook to earn more entries….And a shout out on Instagram would make me forever grateful! Just saying.



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