{Display Tips} Using Everyday Items


You really don’t have to have a ton of decorations, furniture or craft-like items to make displays pretty or feel “finished.” Really, you don’t!

Here is my display tip for the day:

It is not necessary to spend TONS of money or be crafty in order to have a beautiful or stunning display.

You can utilize everyday things you DO HAVE and actually make incredible displays for:

  • storefront windows,
  • retail,
  • tradeshow booth,
  • photo shoots, and/or
  • events.

Being somewhat practical (and frugal), I love the idea of using useful items that I already have or could re-purpose and use over and over again as decorations.

And those of you who know me can attest…I can find beauty in an everyday item like a ladder!

Look at this charming display by Hatch Creative Studio for the Priscilla of Boston preview event of their Spring 2012 Collection.

And another inexpensive display idea. Simply hang small products, pictures, letters or words, design cut-outs, etc. from the rungs of a ladder…I love this!

(photo source via Creative Inspiration Tumblr)

Don’t have a ladder? Borrow one from your parents or shop at resale, thrift, discount stores or Craigslist.

So there you have it!

Have you used everyday items as “props” to give your space personality and add just the right amount of unexpected detail? If so, we’d love for you to share your idea(s) with us.

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