{Marketing Tips} What Costco Can Teach You About SELLING

Sometimes my 9-year-old son Jax goes grocery shopping with me at Costco.

He loves to walk around and taste all the bite-sized food samples.

I have to tell you – my Costco grocery bill goes up by 20% when he’s shopping with me.

And as a marketer – I LOVE that Costco gets ‘how to attract new biz’ AND get higher sales!

If You’re Not Offering A TASTE of Your Biz, You’re Losing SALES.

Giving out samples is a part of Costco’s business model and it should be a part of yours as well.


Plain and simple. Businesses that offer samples tend to have higher sales.

I know what you’re thinking…

“I can’t afford to give my products/services away for free. That is ridiculous!”

Well guess what?

Your Marketing BFF is here to tell YOU:

You can offer a sample of your biz without actually giving away the ‘full meal deal’.

Samples of your products/services are used to tantalize your existing clients and prospective clients.  It gives them a taste of the benefits you offerit is NOT supposed to be the full meal deal!

 Here’s are a few ideas how:

–       Articles and/or blog posts

–       Actual trial-sized product samples (from your vendors or make your own)

–       Video

–       Offer tips on Facebook/Blog/Twitter

–       Offer “mini-sized” portions of some existing services (like a quickie up-do hairstyling, mini make-up session, 5-minute hand soak/scrub…)

–       Mini workshops

–       Free consultations that don’t have any PRESSURE!

–       Certificates for a product/service that can be used as prizes for charity events, silent auctions, networking events, etc.

What I love about samples is that they give people an opportunity to EXPERIENCE you/your biz, and with REDUCED RISK.

Do it right now. I mean it! Start serving up some TASTY samples.

Your bank account will thank you.

So there you have it.


Side Note: Did you know that there’s even a Facebook Fan page dedicated to Costco Sampling?… And it has over 7,000 followers! wow 😉

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